Windows7의 VirtualBox에 alpinelinux를 설치하고 docker를 이동할 때까지

Windows7의 VirtualBox에 alpinelinux를 설치하고 docker를 이동할 때까지

2022-10-06 last update

6 minutes reading windows7 alpinelinux VirtualBox 도커


  • widows7 professional 64bit
  • virtual box 5.2.6 r120293

  • VM 만들기

    alpinelinux 설치

    alpinelinux 설정(베이스)


  • sda
  • sys

  • 공유 폴더


  • /etc/ssh/sshd_conf
  • /etc/ssh/ssh_conf를 편집하십시오.
    # ssh [email protected]
    /etc/ssh/ssh_config: line 47: Bad configuration option: permitrootlogin
    /etc/ssh/ssh_config: line termination, 1 bad configuration options

    호스트 (windows)에서 ssh

  • teraterm에서 브리지 어댑터에 ssh 연결
  • "OK"를 누르지 만 반응하지 않음

  • NAT 어댑터에 포트 포워드 설정 추가
  • 연결 가능

  • Welcome to Alpine!
    The Alpine Wiki contains a large amount of how-to guides and general
    information about administrating Alpine systems.
    See <>.
    You can setup the system with the command: setup-alpine
    You may change this message by editing /etc/motd.
  • 가상 박스 부팅 우선 순위로 HDD 우선 순위

  • alpinelinux 설정(도커)


    # apk add docker-compose
    (1/29) Installing gdbm (1.13-r1)
    (2/29) Installing readline (7.0.003-r1)
    (3/29) Installing sqlite-libs (3.24.0-r1)
    (4/29) Installing python3 (3.6.7-r0)
    (5/29) Installing py3-setuptools (40.6.2-r0)
    (6/29) Installing py3-six (1.11.0-r0)
    (7/29) Installing dockerpy-creds (0.3.0-r0)
    (8/29) Installing py3-cparser (2.18-r0)
    (9/29) Installing py3-cffi (1.11.5-r0)
    (10/29) Installing py3-idna (2.7-r0)
    (11/29) Installing py3-asn1crypto (0.24.0-r0)
    (12/29) Installing py3-cryptography (2.4.2-r0)
    (13/29) Installing py3-ipaddress (1.0.22-r0)
    (14/29) Installing py3-parsing (2.2.0-r0)
    (15/29) Installing py3-packaging (17.1-r0)
    (16/29) Installing py3-chardet (3.0.4-r0)
    (17/29) Installing py3-certifi (2018.4.16-r0)
    (18/29) Installing py3-urllib3 (1.22-r0)
    (19/29) Installing py3-requests (2.19.1-r0)
    (20/29) Installing py3-websocket-client (0.54.0-r0)
    (21/29) Installing docker-py (3.6.0-r0)
    (22/29) Installing py3-cached-property (1.4.3-r0)
    (23/29) Installing py3-dockerpty (0.4.1-r0)
    (24/29) Installing py3-docopt (0.6.2-r2)
    (25/29) Installing py3-jsonschema (2.6.0-r0)
    (26/29) Installing py3-pysocks (1.6.8-r0)
    (27/29) Installing py3-texttable (1.4.0-r0)
    (28/29) Installing py3-yaml (4.1-r0)
    (29/29) Installing docker-compose (1.22.0-r0)
    Executing busybox-1.29.3-r4.trigger
    OK: 837 MiB in 215 packages

    alpinelinux 설정 (redis)

    apk add redis

    이제 redis(4.0.11)가 설치되었습니다.
    # redis-server -v
    Redis server v=4.0.11 sha=bca38d14:0 malloc=libc bits=64 build=3b8edec96d6a5c19
    # redis-cli -v
    redis-cli 4.0.11 (git:bca38d14)



    apk add samba

            comment = Share Folder for All Users
            guest ok = Yes
            path = /home/share/
            read only = No
    pdbedit -a hoge